Just For Openers (JFO) was formed in 1979 by Don Bull of Wirtz, VA.  At that time, there was a growing interest in beer cap lifters and bottle openers, including, of course, corkscrews.   But Don was an avid opener collector and he often offered corkscrews for rare openers he really needed.  Soon, he found that there were many other people around who loved collecting openers and the JFO was well on its way.  It is a very laid back organization, essentially no rules, no officers, everyone just does what is needed and gets on with the real business of the Club, collecting, trading, buying and selling openers.

Presently we have over 250 members nation-wide (seven from foreign countries).  Many of our members collect mostly beer advertising openers and corkscrews but we encourage collectors of all types of openers and corkscrews to join.   Dues are only $20 per year, a bargain by any measure.  For this very modest membership fee, the collector receives four newsletters a year and the right to attend the annual convention, typically held in April of each year.  Membership starts with the latest JFO newsletter.  Membership time periods are January to December, April to March, July to June and October to September.

Actually, there are no formal officers in the JFO. There is a volunteer who publishes the newsletter, collects dues and keeps the membership records.  The hosts of the Annual meetings for the coming year are selected at the Convention.  They set the rules and activities and preside over the meeting.


Newsletters are published in January (new additions to the Handbook), April (membership list), July (annual convention hi-lights), and October (new discoveries to the Handbook).   The main article for each issue is shown in parentheses but each issue has many articles on openers (and/or corkscrews) and each issue offers an opener auction of about 300 items.  All members are encouraged to send in articles and members are allowed a free ad in each issue.  Don Bull was the first editor of the Club’s newsletter, a post he fulfilled very well for five years from 1979 to 1983.  In 1984, Ed Kaye of Fort Myers, FL assumed responsibility and did an excellent job until 1989.  At that time Art Santen of St. Louis, MO took over and kept up the good work.  In 1994 John Stanley became editor and he is currently serving in that capacity – the results speak for themselves, an excellent effort!

Annual JFO Convention

Members volunteer to host the annual convention held in April each year, so JFO members visit places all over the United States. Conventions are something you don’t want to miss as you see openers and corkscrews you have never seen before and have a chance to add them to your collection. Members spend time room-to-room trading, attend an auction and participate in the Saturday show (8-1) open to the public. Members and non-members are welcome. Details for this annual event are found in the October and January newsletters. Members have their calendars marked for the 2011 JFO Convention in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (April 27th-May 1st).  For all past convention venues and dates see the JFO website as shown below.


Now six books with color pictures are available, Boxes Full of Corkscrews; The Ultimate Corkscrew Book; Bull’s Pocket Guide to Corkscrews; Just for Openers, A Guide to Beer, Soda & Other Openers; Soda Advertising Openers; and Beer Advertising: Knives, Letter Openers, Ice Picks, Cigar Cutters and More. For information on breweries see American Breweries II.  These books are featured in the Library on this website – click here.

Other Information

For other details on the JFO please see their own home pages at: www.just-for-openers.org/index.html