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Antique Related

Brownowl’s Glossary of Antique Terms Antique terms from many contributors.
Links to resources for William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement
Antiques and Art in Australia
Bobbi’s Place is well worth the visit, it is a fun place!
The Texas connection from Mr. Clough – no connection to the famous corkscrew maker.
MJ’s Antique Hangups & CyberMall Offering Antiques, Ephemera, Collectibles, Books, Magazines, Ads, Sports, Jewelry, Memorabilia, a FREE Newsletter, CyberMall, Free Classifieds, Historical Trivia, and Research Articles, Vacation Accommodations, and Educational Site.!

Patents and Like Information

Canadian Patent Database – Canadian Intellectual Property Office – provides free access to Canadian patents
European Patent Office (look under Search and Index)
MicroPatent – offers low-cost access to 1.9 million text trademarks registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
STO’s Internet Patent Search System – provides free access to US patent titles
USPTO Patent Databases – US Patent and Trademark Office – provides free access to searchable databases of U.S. patents.
British Patent Office: For British patents
Canadian Intellectual Property Office: where patents and their process in Canada can be found.
U.S. Patent Numbers and Dates
And the Grand-Daddy of all Research, the “Links to Go” site

Interesting Sites a Corkscrew Collector would Enjoy

Alf’s links are a gold mine of great info!!
Articles written on corkscrews by collectors – Short articles on some corkscrew related issues or interesting aspects of corkscrews.
Books on Corkscrews from all over the World – All the corkscrew books published in any language and
The CateringNet: Corkscrew Market Spiraling – The UK based CateringNet’s news item on corkscrews
Collecting Corkscrews – All about corkscrew collecting, the how to do it page.
Corkscrew Article from the Collecting Channel – Article describing corkscrew collecting with examples and leads to other information
Corkscrew collecting cartoons – A really funny set of cartoons of how to collect corkscrews
The corkscrew collectors’ Hall of Fame – The outstanding collectors of corkscrews are featured here.
Corkscrew Essentials – How to use a corkscrew properly
Corkscrew Gallery – Several different corkscrew types explained with photos
Corkscrew General Information – Information about corkscrews for collectors
The Corkscrew Movie Theatre – Movies about corkscrews
Corkscrew museum in France – The Evasion-plus federation gathers more than 150 sites that guarantee faultless visits and services.
Corkscrew Reading List – Corkscrew Reading List, books and other publications
e-Lynks – A truly interesting collection of links to all over the place, better than a search engine!
The history of corkscrew – The Sonoma-Loeb company offers an historical view of the corkscrew
How to use a corkscrew by “Bear” – This is the Guide to Corkscrews, a look at how these devices function and which will suit your needs best.
Information about not-Corkscrews – Just about everything you don’t need to know about corkscrews to collect them
Listing of upcoming corkscrew auctions – There are a number of corkscrew auctions and here they are listed.
Loadsa Links to Food & Drink Related Sites.  By Paul A. Steward
News story for Champagne collectibles – A news story on Champagne lovers, has some corkscrew information as well.
Several corkscrew stories. – Corkscrew Exhibits, corkscrew stories and different types shown.
Substantial research reports on corkscrews – Some of the most knowledgeable corkscrew people wrote significant research articles on corkscrews, these are offered here.
Tap Room: Selecting The Right Corkscrew – Selecting the right corkscrew – an amusing article of how to best pull a cork.
Wm. Blair Ltd. – Corkscrews – A New Twist for Collectors – A nice educational piece on the Henshall button type corkscrew.

You want to buy a new corkscrew, or a corkscrew book?  Select one of these websites where they sell them on-line!

Alessi Corkscrew – Alessi Alessandro Anna G Corkscrew – new
Antipodean Corkscrew Store – Acme Traditionals, left handed new Williamson knock-off type simple T corkscrews
AW Shadows Design – Graphic design and carving for the wine industry and everyone who loves wine!  Specializing in exclusive, hand-carved wine barrels for winery tasting rooms, wine cellars, breweries, restaurants, retail establishments and residential applications.
Cork Pops – Cork Pops is the easiest way to open a wine bottle. Two models to choose from, refills also available.
Corkscrew knives, Laguiole. – Corkscrews with knives and the French Laguiole waiter’s corkscrew.
Corkscrew Sales Room, Antiques of the Future – Several new corkscrews for sale in California
The Corkscrew Store – An online store devoted to the wine enthusiast.
Corkscrew-Can openers and Bottlestoppers – The Beverly Hills source for the Zyliss Corkscrew line.
Corkscrews and More – The home of Cork Pops, the millennium corkscrew, leaping frog corkscrew, bull pull corkscrew and much more. On line ordering.
Corkscrews and Wine Accessories in The Finely Corked  Catalog – Your On-line Corkscrew and Wine Accessory Catalog from the Worlds  Finest Corkscrew Manufactures
Corkscrews Available – Franmara corkscrews, Chateau Laguiole corkscrew, and wine openers.
Corkscrews, Barware and Wine Accessories – Wholesale for the Trade, On-line Catalog. Franmara Inc., established in 1970, is a manufacturer and master distributor.
Cow Corkscrew – Robert Welch – ironware, new cow corkscrew, a novelty item.
CPD – an Italian Manufacturer – A number of small production corkscrews, champagne taps and pocket corkscrews are available, all made of both polished and satined brass and on request also of nickel.
Crest Industries – new Corkscrews – Crest Industries – new Lagouile and Champion bar screws
Farfalli – Selling a complete range of professional and collector corkscrews.
The Faucet corkscrew, a new corkscrew with a handle like an old-fashioned faucet. – The Faucet pepper mill and corkscrew combine unique design and smooth operation. More fun in the kitchen from Metrokane!
Figural corkscrew in the shape of “Betty-Boop” – We offer a large selection of collectibles including Wizard of OZ, Xena and Hercules, Elvis, Betty Boop, Disney and much more.
The Fine Wine Line – Selling corkscrews and other wine-related accessories.
French corkscrews – French, new corkscrews: the knife corkscrew – chateau Laguiole made in France
German pocket corkscrew in leather case – German pocket corkscrew in leather case
Italian Quality Waiter’s Corkscrew – Bartending Products, Bookstore, Shooters, Mixed Drinks, Rare Recipes and more.
Left-handed Corkscrews, Kitchen Items – These left-handed corkscrews have reversed coils for natural left-handed use.
Left-handed corkscrews from the Left Gender – has left handed corkscrews, T-shaped, oval-shaped or winged at very competitive prices. Secure on-line ordering.
Lefthanded-ergonomy – Lever Corkscrew for lefthanded – Wing type double lever corkscrew for left handers
Maisondar Corkscrew Store – New grapevine corkscrew
Miniature wing type corkscrew made as a refrigerator magnet – Miniature wing type corkscrew made as a refrigerator magnet
OXO Good Grips Corkscrew – Pickles, Peppers, Pots and Pans (p4) – new corkscrews
Patrick – Producer of professional waiter corkscrews and wine accessories.
Posterplanet is where you can buy corkscrew posters, visit it often
Rogar Corkscrews – Finest Wine bottle openers and corkscrews – You Name The Price Dot Com – new corkscrews, offers the highest quality wine openers, featuring the Rogar Corkscrew.
T-shirts with corkscrews on them – Patent wear corporation – T-shirts with corkscrews on them
Victorinox knife corkscrew – The Famous Victorinox Swiss Army Knife
Waiter’s Corkscrew – Classic stainless steel waiter’s corkscrew for fool-proof wine bottle opening.
The Watney and Babbidge book: Corkscrews for Collectors – The Watney and Babbidge book on corkscrews – the collector’s bible available for sale.
Wine Accessories – Corkscrews – Various models of corkscrews for sale. These are new pieces.
Wine Accessories, corkscrews, decanters – Artisan’s Wine Accessories – many new and very attractive corkscrews
WineMaster Corkscrew – One of the two modern and truly “mechanical” corkscrews – WineMaster Corkscrew – One of the two modern and truly “mechanical” corkscrews
Luxury Corkscrews and Wine Accessories – Unique collection of luxury corkscrews and wine accessories including Screwpull, Rabbit, Trudeau, Laguiole,Monopol, Riedel, L’Esprit et le Vin … at low Internet prices.
Q-Table Creative Giftware is a great place to buy that unusual and 
unique hand made corkscrew you want to give as a gift to a friend.

Wine related sites:

Michel White has assembled the Internet’s Best Grape Growing and Vineyard Establishment Resource! If you are a vintner or a wannabe, here is the best site around.

Eric Orange created a place where people in the Wine and Spirits Industry can go to post their events such as: tastings, fine wine dinners, festivals, and monthly events.  The information is divided by cities for easy surfing.

Robin Garr created one of the most interesting and all encompassing site dealing with wine.  There are different departments, wine notes, discussion forums, advice services and much else.  Well worth a visit.

Sue Courtney has a special touch when it comes to writing about wine.  She has created a superb website for wine lovers with everything imaginable, but with an emphasis on New Zealand, where she lives.

Wine Blue Book by Neil Monnens has value wines listed by wine rating then by wine price showing the wine values. Great site, visit it and you will find it useful.