Monograph – According to Webster’s Dictionary, second edition, this word means: 1. a book, article or paper written about a single subject; as a monograph on Egyptian mummies.    2. originally, a treatise on a single genus, species, etc. of plant or animal.

Well, the items listed in this section are about a single subject: Corkscrews.  And, they were written with the specific purpose to expose information on a relatively narrow aspect of the subject which would be of interest to corkscrew collectors only, in most probability.  So, enjoy and if you have ever done something like this, let me know and I would be pleased to consider it for this section of the CorkscrewNet.

To access the article, just click on the small picture in front of the title; if you want to reach the author, click on his/her name if it is highlighted.


CC3Fig1.jpg (12524 bytes)  Common Corkscrews III by Ron Maclean

  Registered British Figural Corkscrews – some conclusions by Frank Ellis

Icon.jpg (2575 bytes)  Common Corkscrews II by Ron MacLean

StoryIconSM.jpg (5191 bytes)  The Williamson story by Ron MacLean

  Hand held single lever corkscrew machines by Joseph C. Paradi

   Champagne and Soda Taps by Joseph C. Paradi

HootchOwl   Little Things that Matter by John and Martha Morris