Article – Roget’s College Thesaurus, 1985 edition defines this word as: noun, item; object, thing; story, piece, essay, report.  Now you might want to quibble about the difference between articles and monographs.  The way I sort these out is that the shorter ones are articles and the longer ones are monographs.   In either case, enjoy!  And, if you have ever done something like this, let me know and I would be pleased to consider it for this section of the CorkscrewNet.

To access the article, just click on the small picture in front of the title; if you want to reach the author, click on his/her name if it is highlighted.


wpe2.jpg (7353 bytes)     1. The Infanta Story by Wayne Meadows

BS00856A.gif (992 bytes)   2. Corkscrews in Court by Frank Ellis

CSframe_clip1_copy(1).jpg (3729 bytes)    3. The Columbus Story by Frank Ellis

BottleIcon.jpg (2079 bytes)  4. Tablets on Williamson Bottles and Bullets by Ken Hark

CaperIcon.jpg (2583 bytes)  5. The Great Bar Corkscrew Caper by: Wayne Meadows

ClampIcon.jpg (1798 bytes)  6. The Elusive Clamp: by Wayne Meadows

 7. How Drop Forged Helixes were Made by: Ron MacLean