The average collector starts slowly, just buys a couple of corkscrews, then a few more, then as if from nowhere, s/he finds the box half full and the count is 70-80 pieces.  Somewhere along the line, two major issues arise in working with these objects.  These are: how to care for them and how to keep records on them.  This section of this web site deals with these issues.


Each of the above subjects are dealt with on a separate page here, complete with pictures and advice from seasoned collectors.  If you have anything to add, just e-mail the material and we will edit it into the pages.

SCReWbase Catalogue

Corkscrew Collector Software

The new (and many seasoned) collector starts out with the task of sorting out what s/he has and wrestles with the problem of how to classify the growing collection.  Once a rudimentary system is devised, or one adopted from a book, the next problem is how to keep the information.  This then leads us to some computerization efforts.   Fortunately, by now, we have had these tasks addressed by some of the most seasoned collectors and the results can be seen here.

IMPORTANT PIECES (a picture gallery)

Here you will be able to see excellent pieces including some of the best corkscrews the world has ever made and the ones that collectors consider the most sought after.  The latter are usually corkscrews that did not work very well, or broke too quickly in use, or perhaps were too expensive to make and sell.  Whatever the reason, they are the ones people are after.