Every day more and more people put up websites for all kinds of reasons.  These folk have websites that deal with corkscrew totally or partially, but all of them are worthy of a visit.  The websites are in English unless a small flag is showing at the end of the line which is the flag of the country of the language of the site.  Enjoy!

If you have a website about corkscrews I will add it to this list – contact me via the Feedback page

Antikshop im Internet – A group of German antique shop operators got together to offer corkscrews via the Net.

Bacchus Antiques – A very nicely laid out website of an antique corkscrew dealer

Barge, Chris – One of the more active corkscrew dealers with a good selection available on the Web.

Borrett, Peter – An English collector dealer with an interesting website (it is a bit noisy though).

Boute, Daniel – The personal website that speaks a lot of languages.  The text can be read in over 25 languages!

Bristow, Christopher – Has a very nice website with corkscrews, wine antiques, prints and much more.

Bull, Donald – His site is a “gotta-see”, the best personal web site in the corkscrew world!

Burgos, Andre – Collector/Dealer in corkscrews

Club Français du Tire-bouchon – The official website for the French corkscrew Club it is in French 

Confrérie des Compagnons du Tire Bouchon – French collegial group dedicated to celebrating the making of corkscrews in France

Corkscrew Central – an excellent website of a corkscrew collecting couple and sellers of quality corkscrews, well worth the visit!

DeSanctis, Paolo – Italian collector of corkscrews, founding member of the ICCA

Jean-Louis Desor – A French collector and author of Corkscrew books

Erickson, Alf-Leif – South Florida Corkscrew collector, hot-air balloonist and Elephant Polo team owner and competitor

Fellay, Héctor – Argentinean antique dealer, he has good corkscrews and many Argentinean pieces not often seen.

German Corkscrew Club – Verein Korkenzieherfreunde – this website is in German, but quite informative.

Giacomini, Piero – His museums of wine related artefacts and his wife’s museum of collectibles – Both English and Italian available

Giulian, Bert – Corkscrew collector and expert in old iron/steel pieces, he also authored the book: Corkscrews of the Eighteenth Century

Goodman, Joel – One of the best corkscrew dealers, well worth seeing his website

Gordon, Michael – A dealer with many years of experience selling corkscrews and always has high-quality stock

Hark, Ken – A Florida collector with some very nice pieces

Herrmann, Rolf – An eclectic Collector in Germany

Holdsworth, Trevor – Collector who knows Paris.  Go to his site and look at the instructions on how to find corkscrews there

Kanodia, Raj and Justine – They established the first Corkscrew website

L’Africain, Joseph  – An interesting corkscrew collector from Chicago.  He has a nice website – worth a visit – also has a great article about the “Tools of the Trade”.

Lamy, Jean-Pierre – A French collector with a growing website

Mascaron, Jean-Pierre – A French corkscrew collector’s personal website, bilingual French and English.

Maurer, Bernhard – Corkscrew Museum in Kaierstuhl, Germany in German.

Meadows, Wayne – Wayne and Sal has created a Bed & Breakfast that is a corkscrew museum par excellence.  Take a look and stay there when in Vancouver, Canada.

Midavaine, Jean-Christian – This site is the work of a father-son team of corkscrew collectors from Belgium, I believe.  The site is bilingual French and English.

Muesch, Wolfgang – A German collector with a well constructed website.  This is a bilingual website, German and English

OCCA – Organised Corkscrew Collectors of the Antipodes, a website created and maintained by Nick Hunt, an avid Australian Corkscrew Collector

Oïffer, Laurent – French corkscrew dealer, offering corkscrews and old wine related objects: bottles, decanters, wine labels, hydrometers, wine tastersetc.

Peters, Ferd – He is a Dutch Collector who is specializing in German corkscrews and has written a book about them

Pierce, John – Sells corkscrews

Robins, S. Paul – A German corkscrew dealer

Rogers, Bob – A corkscrew lover that grew from tool collecting – interesting site

Schmitz, Wilhelm – A German corkscrew dealer.

Staley, Tom – JFO member who also collects corkscrews in Florida

Stanley, John – Editor of the newsletter and author of the beer cap openers catalogue for the Just for Openers society

Steiner Gallery – Corkscrew collector from France, French language site.

Sykes, Christopher – English dealer specializes in vintage corkscrew and wine related antiques, silver decanter labels, funnels and tastevins, bar corkdrawers and champagne taps.

Türler, Hajo – Swiss collector, he is resident of France now.  This site provides a link corkscrew parts and terminology translations in four languages: English, German, French and Italian – a must see for any collector.

Walters, Dean – California corkscrew dealer and collector.  Dean also maintains the Golden Gate Corkscrew Collectors’ web site – GGCC

Weston, David – an English corkscrew dealer.  Corkscrews for collectors from all over Europe.  He searches in England, France, Spain, Italy and Belgium for interesting corkscrews.

Webb, Steve – an English collector and dealer who will do appraisals