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Perhaps the most frustrating thing about collecting anything is the difficulty in finding information of the subject.  When a person starts collecting, s/he typically does not know anyone else in the game and has no idea where to get to know others who might have the same need.

This is how Societies are born, mainly out of frustration!  Of course, this gets even more unsettling when you can not even find any such group that you could join.  This was the case up to the early 70's when the first corkscrew club was formed, the International Correspondence of Corkscrew Addicts - an odd name for a "twisted" group.

However, today, there are a number of such clubs, each of which has a brief write-up and contact people in these web pages.  These clubs are:

ICCA - International Correspondence of Corkscrew Addicts
CCCC The Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club
Club Franšais du Tire Bouchon (French Club)
ABCDE - British Corkscrew Collectors' Club
VK -
Verein Korkenzieherfreunde (German Club)
HS -
Helix Scandinavica (Scandinavian Club)
JFO - Just for Openers (an American beer cap lifter collectors society where many corkscrew collectors belong)
AICC - Associazione Italiana Collezionisti Cavatappi (Italian Club)
GGCC - The Golden Gate Corkscrew Collectors (most members are from the U.S. West)

Just click on the above acronym to go to their page!


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Stockholm, Sweden, August 2004

Lake Como, Italy, August 20-22, 2004



St. Malo, France, March19-21, 2004

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