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Helix Scandinavica History:

Helix Scandinavica was founded during April and May of 1994.  The club came to being by the common desire of the members of the Norwegian corkscrew collectors club (Norsk Korketrekker Klubb) and other Scandinavian corkscrew collectors who were also members of the ICCA.  Membership in the Club is open to corkscrew collectors living in Scandinavia.  The maximum is 15 members, five from each country of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

At the start the club had 8 members, one Dane, five Norwegians and two Swedes.The third Swede entered in 1994 and a second Dane in 1998. The fourth Swede was elected in at the Oslo meeting 1999.  The third Dane was elected as a member in 2000.  The fourth Dane was elected in 2001 in Esbjerg and this year the fifth Norwegian joined (replacing one who left the Club).  He is the son of one of the founding members, but as he was a family member of a full member he did not take the fifth place but is, nevertheless, a full member. This is also the case with our first female member. The wife of a Danish member was elected as a full member but does not count as the fifth Dane. So at the moment the club has 15 members and two vacancies.

At the meeting in Copenhagen 1995, members' significant others participated for the first time. 

Since 1997 the club has also accepted Associate members, mainly from other countries.  Associates are entitled to take part in all activities apart from the AGM itself.  In 2003, we have 13 Associate members from 8 Countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA.

All members are entitled to receive the Newsletter and can purchase pins as well.  At the AGM, food and beverage and good friendship are top priorities for everyone, members as well as their accompanying persons.

The Club's affairs are administered by a slate of executives including a chairman, a treasurer and chief-correspondent plus someone in charge of producing the annual Helix Scandinavica Newsletter.


Since 1997 the club has been publishing an annual Newsletter.  The members contribute all the materials, the first two issues were edited by Helgir Solheim. 

The 1999 and 2000 issue was the responsibility of Buster Berntson and Per Ekman. 

From 2001 and onwards Martin Jessen and his wife Anne-Lise Køhler became the new editors. The Newsletter is intended to cover all news about members and new corkscrew discoveries during the past year specially concerning Scandinavian made corkscrews.

In 2006 Bjørn Berger from Norway, was elected as the newsletter editor.


Now two books, which are about Scandinavian corkscrews, with colour pictures are available:
Scandinavian corkscrews by Buster Berntson and Per Ekman,
Scandinavian Corkscrew Patents 1867 – 1973 by Per Ekman, Anne-Lise Køhler and Helgir Gees Solheim

These books are featured in the Library on this website – click here.


The Annual meeting of members is traditionally held during the first week of May.  The hosting duties rotate between the three countries.

The 1994 AGM, the first meeting of the HELIX SCANDINAVICA was hosted by Buster Berntson in Göteborg, Sweden.

The 1995 AGM was held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The 1996 AGM was hosted in Oslo, Norway.

The 1997 AGM was organized in Falsterbo, Sweden.

The 1998 AGM, held in Copenhagen, the German corkscrew collectors club's members were invited.  Nine members journeyed to the meeting and some brought their significant others (go-withs).  The meeting was a great success.

The 1999 AGM was held in Norway, starting in Larkollen at Björn Bendigtsen's place and then moved to Oslo where two private collections were seen and the attendees were treated to a fantastic lunch at the Solheim residence.

The 2000 AGM was held in Göteborg where after lunch at Buster Berntson's place, the AGM continued whilst the go-withs were invited to spend two hours at the nearby Turkish bath, which was very much appreciated.  The attendees were able to view another collection of a member, Evan Svensson, resident in Göteborg.

The 2001 AGM held in Esbjerg, Denmark was the biggest to that date and four Associate Members attended this meeting - Klaus Biermann (Germany), Ferd Peters (The Netherlands), Francis Hutchinson (Great Britain) and Alf-Leif Erikson (USA & Bangkok).  Alf brought one of his hot-air balloons complete with his flight crew and took the attendees for a ride in the balloon one evening. That meeting will be remembered for a very long time.

The 2002 AGM was held in Oslo again with lunch and the AGM at the Solheim residence with Associate member Hutchinson attending. Saturday started with a flea market and a visit to the famous Vigeland Museum.

The 2003 AGM was held in Karlstad, Sweden (first time there) hosted by Reidar Remneson and his wife Birgitta.  

The 2004 AGM was held in Copenhagen for the third time, this time organized by Lis and Jens Arnbjerg and Christina and Oluf Olsen.  The meeting started with a speciality for lunch, “Danish smørebrød”, and AGM at Oluf’s home in Solrød Strand and afterwards they saw his impressive corkscrew collection. Then the group moved to Jens´s home for a buffet meal, show and tell and viewing his amazing corkscrew collection.  Not to forget one of the highlights at every AGM is singing the corkscrew hymn “Den gamla korkskruven” which means “The old corkscrew”.  Associate members Francis Hutchinson, Klaus Bierman and Reinhold Berndt were attending the meeting.

The 2005 AGM was again in Oslo organized by Helgir and Anne Solheim and Bjørn and Ragnhild Bendigtsen. The meeting started at Bjørn Bendigtsen’s home in Larkollen with lunch, auction, show and tell and corkscrew viewing. It’s a beautiful place close to the sea. The group then left for Oslo and had dinner at a famous restaurant.  The program for Saturday was: early visit to different antique/flea markets in Oslo, a visit to “The Mini Bottle Gallery”, AGM meeting at the hotel and dinner at a restaurant in Oslo.  Sunday morning everybody was invited to Anne and Helgir for refreshments “vaffler” and corkscrew viewing.  Associate member Klaus Bierman was attending the meeting.

The 2006 AGM was in Falsterbo, Sweden, by Christina and Per Ekman they have a wonderful place in the countryside with lovely beaches.  The program for the weekend was as a traditional HELIX meeting with singing the “hymn”, viewing the News Bulletin, lunch, auction, show and tell and the AGM. The highlight of the day was viewing one of the best corkscrew collections started many years ago by Pelle’s father, Jan Ekman, one of the Founding Members of the ICCA, now taken over by Pelle. 

The 2007 AGM took place in Esbjerg, Denmark, organized by Martin Jessen and Anne-Lise Køhler and Anders Villemoes and Ulla Sjørup. The meeting started on Friday with lunch, show and tell, buy/sell, auction at Martin and Anne-Lise’s home.  On Friday and Saturday they went to two Fleamarkets in the neighbourhood of Esbjerg.  On Saturday the group had lunch and the corkscrew viewing at Anders and Ulla’s home. Afterwards everyone took the ferry to the small island Fanø only 12 minutes away from Esbjerg and went on a bus ride around the island. Before they returned to Esbjerg they visited a local brewery, Fanø Bryghus, and had dinner at a local restaurant.

 he 2008 AGM was again held in Oslo, for the fifth time, actually. It was organized by Helgir Gees Solheim, François Lefevre and Bjørn Berger and their wives. Helgir and Anna had prepared a delicious lunch. After that the program was as usual, viewing the magnificent corkscrew collection, auction and buy/sell. In the evening we had a walk to the new white opera house in Oslo, and a stroll on the white marble roofs viewing the fjord and the city.  Sunday morning we went to two flea markets, paid a visit to Egil Thorbjörnsen’s shop and finally walked to François and Maria’s home for corkscrew viewing.  For lunch, corkscrew viewing and AGM the group visited Bjørn Berger and Aud-Irene’s home, which is situated in a beautiful area, that is on Unesco’s list of protected areas. Bjørn and Aud-Irene’s home is really a collectors paradise in many ways.

The 2009 AGM was for the first time in Norrtälje, which is north of Stockholm, Sweden, organized by Roland and Anneli Brodin. After warm greetings lunch was served and that was followed by corkscrew viewing and the auction. After a boat trip dinner was served on the island Lidö.  Different activities were offered Saturday morning, such as “corkscrew hunting in Stockholm”, “sightseeing in Norrtälje” or “catch and prepare your lunch”. In the afternoon the AGM took place at Brodin’s home.  Associate members François Touzin and Lauri Lapila and their viwes also participated in the meeting.

The 2010 AGM was again in Copenhagen with lunch, corkscrew viewing and show and tell at Jens and Lis Arnbjerg’s home. Saturday morning was reserved for the many flea markets in Copenhagen and the nearby suburbs. Anders Villemoes and Ulla Sjørup had prepered a delicious lunch that was followed by corkscrew viewing, the AGM and the auction. In the evening dinner was at a nearby restaurant.  Klaus Bierman, Ferd and Mariet Peters, Lauri and Tuula Lapila and Claude Mathieu were in Copenhagen for the meeting. 

The 2011 AGM took place from Friday 20. May to Sunday 22. May in Fredrikstad, Norway.  This successful meeting was organized by Anna and Helgir Solheim and Aud Irene and Bjørn Berger. Fredrikstad is a historical, yet modern town 100 kilometres south of Oslo. The old town is one of Norway’s most popular tourist attractions. On Friday we had lunch at Ragnhild and Bjørn Bendigtsen’s place, Larkollen, it’s between Oslo and Fredrikstad, and afterwards it was time for the auction. On Saturday we went to a market in the Old city of Fredrikstad, followed by a guided tour. In the afternoon the AGM took place at our hotel. Saturday evening we had dinner at a restaurant by the riverside.  On Sunday Anne & Helgir and Maria & Francois and Philippe invited, those who wanted, for corkscrew viewing at their homes in Oslo. Maurice Dancer, Wolfgang Händel, Mariet & Ferd Peters and Tuula & Lauri Lapila were in Norway for the meeting.

The meetings also have a fine Buy/Sell/Trade session.

The Board of Helix Scandinavica, members and associate members are listed on the sidebar.

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2010 -2011 Officers

Jens Arnbjerg
Ragnesminde Alle 36
2605 Bröndby
tel: +45-43967126,
e-mail: jarn@gmail.com

Anders Villemoes
Haderslevgade 38, 2.tr
1671 Copenhagen V Denmark.
tel: +45-40171740

Chief Correspondent:
Philippe B. Lefevre
Fredrik Stangs gate 46A
0264 Oslo
tel: +47-69263253
e-mail: bplefevre@gmail.com

Bjørn Berger
Gamle Maridalsveien 79
0890 Oslo
tel: +47-22239688
e-mail: berger2@online.no
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