Corkscrew People

Corkscrew Collecting is no different from anything else in life, people make it what it is.  This section gives you all the information about various people in the game.  Just surf it and get the scoop!   Click on the icons and go!

PE02072A.gif (2034 bytes)     Personal Profiles

These pages are contributed by various corkscrew people and offer their view of what corkscrewing means to them.  Register and be part of it!  Click Here!

PE00078A.gif (1449 bytes)     Experts

Here, you can ask questions from the experts in the game.  Anything goes, one or more will respond and the questions and answers will all be in the FAQ section

TR00245A.gif (1685 bytes)     Hall of Fame

A place for people who have made significant contributions to the corkscrew collecting world and are honuored here.

HH01580A.gif (1311 bytes)     e-Mail Addresses

All of those who have signed our guestbook have their e-mail addresses recorded here.

TR00262A.gif (1715 bytes)          Other corkscrew people's websites

Cross reference other web sites where you can learn, see what others have, contact those with interests that match yours.

    The Watney Awards

Many people had made contributions to the Corkscrew World by producing books, websites, articles, newsletters, etc.


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