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News in the corkscrew world comes from all over.   As this web site is designed to serve the entire community, news are listed in many of the pages in here.  This page serves to bring all that information into one place.

Items stay here for 3 months and then are removed, but the space from where they come from will, of course, stay there for future use.

To get to any of the items listed, just click on the clipart "bullet" and you will be there in a jiffy (or as fast as your server can receive the pages)

BS00865A.gif (2933 bytes)Conferences - Corkscrew conferences for all Societies that care to report.

HH01515A.gif (970 bytes)New Entries Anywhere - This list, in reverse date order, shows all that was changed during the past 3 months.

PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)New Finds - Newly discovered items.

PE02086A.gif (1977 bytes)Software News - Here you will find all the information available from corkscrew or collecting related software suppliers.  If you have something you need or want to make available, then submit that for others to acquire or supply, as the case may be.

HH01518A.gif (838 bytes)e-Mail - Address Changes.

TR00262A.gif (1715 bytes)Web Sites  - Related changes and additions.


The CCCC (Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club) AGM 2012 will be in Michigan, U.S.A..

New Entries anywhere

New pages added: Book reports, new software available; Updates to Websites and e-Mail addresses; new Useful Links in the Internet Directory section and other material.

New Finds

We will add any new, never before seen item here.

Software news

The new software release is here! The fruits of 12 years of work by some of the most avid and knowledgeable corkscrew collectors in the world is now available.  The first disk is the SCReWbase 8.0 catalogue of corkscrews, there are over 7,700 corkscrews in this monumental work, complete with pictures, descriptions, expert notes, references and much more.  The database is searchable and is based on a classification system that encompasses all classes, types and styles.  Just click on the CD to get more information.

The Corkscrew Collector 8.0 is a program that was written as a companion to SCReWbase and is the software used by corkscrew collectors to keep track of their collections.  The work is the result of years of consultation with knowledgeable collectors who have large and diverse collections, so it should fit anyone's needs.

Order information here!


Many updates all the time, check before you send e-mail!

Web Sites

The latest is Joseph L'Africain - An interesting corkscrew collector from Chicago.  He has a nice website - worth a visit - also has a great article about the "Tools of the Trade".

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