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Corkscrew Museums and Exhibitions

When someone starts collecting anything, information on the hobby is elusive and very hard to find.  Typically, books are unknown, or if they see one, it is usually out of print as the print runs are small, perhaps a thousand or two.  There are other publications by collectors that stay within their small group, perhaps a hundred published in all.  Monographs, articles, references (catalogues, advertisements, old pictures) and art forms are the sources of vital information but these are elusive indeed.

These pages provide you with as much of this material as we could obtain and get permission to publish.  For others there are the references and you may be able to obtain a copy if the author is willing or can be found.

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Corkscrews - but not for Wine or Spirits

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Musée de Tire-Bouchon
Ménerbes, France
This shows the collection of ICCA member Yves Rousset-Rouard.  Very well displayed and contains a significant number of rare items.  Don't miss it if you are in the South of France. Go to see more

Culinary Institute of America
The exhibition at their Greystone facility in Napa shows the first class collection of the legendary Brother Timothy.  If you are in California, it is a must see.  Go to see more

Musée le Secq des Tournelles
Rouen, France.  Go to see more

The Centre of Unusual Museums
83708 Kreuth-Enterbach, Tegenseer Str. 32, Germany
Tel: 0 80 22/9 53 00
Go to see more

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