Corkscrew Catalogue Software

SCReWBase 9.0
The Corkscrew Catalogue

* Designed by and for corkscrew collectors
* Standard Category codes and definitions for easy referencing
* Collection Index and search utilities make finding pieces a breeze
* A handy decision tree enables even the novice to figure out what treasure (or junk) s/he has just acquired
* Help available from other corkscrew collectors

* Never be left not knowing what to bid on e-Bay or what a dealer is offering for sale.
* Saves time - big time!!
* Enormous amount of information about Patents, references and much more!
* Allows you to exchange info with other collectors

* Over 9,100 records with lots of information
* Stores and zoom in and out of pictures of individual corkscrews
* Selected Summaries for specific corkscrews or whole families of them

* Can search for any word or phrase and the database references will turn up no matter where the key word is located
* Class/Type/Style index selections restrict the views to just what you need - no need to scroll through hundreds of pictures to find what you are looking for
* Import standard corkscrew data from this Master CD to your Corkscrew Collector software (sold only in a "Bundle" with SCReWBase)
* Users submit new information on manufacturer, patent and other information from recording their own collection

Full and detailed instructions come with the CD that show much detail of how much use this software can be put in your own collecting hobby.  Click on this link and it will take you to the SCReWBase Users' Guide.

There is a good list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in Users' Guide at the end.


SCReWBase 9.0 ships with a user guide, and includes unlimited technical support for registered users. Please note that CC9 is not available without SB9 you must buy the "Bundle" that includes both, Click Here to buy the software.

System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

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