The Elusive Clamp

by: Wayne Meadows


Bar corkscrews are rare; far rarer are the custom-made clamps that held them on to a table or counter top. Custom clamps that are known to exist include the Arcade clamp for the DAISY, the Walker clamp for the QUICK & EASY, and the clamp for the SAMSON (the trade name for the 1886 Hurley).

When Sal & I left the 1996 CCCC convention, we headed north on Highway 87 through New York to Montreal, stopping at many antique shops. Somewhere, probably north of Saratoga Springs, in a long, low, red wooden building, I held a clamp in my hand and thought, "This looks like it might be a clamp for some bar corkscrew." After turning it over many times and pondering how or where it could fit into anything, I decided, "No, too wimpy." After finding this advertisement, I now realize that I did in fact have the clamp that I should have bought. If you are ever on Highway 87, watch for the red building and buy the clamp; I am sure that it is still there. Clamp.jpg (10486 bytes)

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