The Great Barscrew Caper

by: Wayne Meadows


Many corkscrew collectors do not know Fred MacAdam, but he lives in Freeport IL the home of Arcade Mfg. Arcade was the major center of bar corkscrew development and production in America from the late 1800s to the mid 1920s. Fred is an inveterate collector of anything made by Arcade and had amassed an awesome collection of bar corkscrews over the last 25 years. I first met Fred in Freeport in 1993. Up until that day I naively thought that there were probably 40 - 50 different kinds of bar corkscrews in the world. In any case, to make a long story short, a few years of dickering finally resulted in the move of Fred's collection to Vancouver.

BScaper1.jpg (87656 bytes)

Freeport, IL Feb.27, 1999 - Some of Fred's 175 bar corkscrews

BScaper2.jpg (96290 bytes)

And some more

BScaper3.jpg (35302 bytes)

Freeport, IL March 01, 1999 - After three days of disassembling and packing, plus 300ft of bubble pack, 40 cartons and three bags of foam peanuts (the size that only allows one in the car per trip) later, we (Fred here) are ready for the UPS truck.

BScaper4.jpg (59820 bytes)

Vancouver, BC Mar, 21, 1999 - 40 cartons arrive, much to my relief, no cartons lost or damaged. I hand carried the 1886 J. Bloeser patent, but the amusement level at the air line was not all that high.

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