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. History

Not technically a branch of the Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club, nor of any other corkscrew collectors' club, but with similar goals, the Golden Gate Corkscrew Collectors (GGCC) was formed and has enjoyed its first three dinner meetings for San Francisco Bay area corkscrew collectors. Attendance is not exclusive to SF bay area collectors, but open to anyone serious about collecting corkscrews. All members of the CCCC or any other corkscrew collectors' clubs are welcome to attend if wishing to visit northern California. We have no membership fees, nor officers. The cost for attending our events is always charged at cost.


Our inaugural meeting on November 5th, 1999 was at Jack's Restaurant in San Francisco. See details of that and consequent meetings on the website.

See a recap of the November 2000 meeting which took place over a weekend in the beautiful Carmel/Monterey area--see on their website 'GGCC Past Events'.

Other Information

Take note of the announced dates and brief details for the meetings in 2001--see 'Future Events' on their website. Full details will be forthcoming.


Want to join us?

To express your interest in attending future meetings of the GGCC, please contact either:

Dean Walters, Tel (415) 459-6393 Fax (415) 459-6317
or email: Dean Walters

Fred O'Leary, Tel (408) 996-3101 Fax (408) 255-0740
or email


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