Book Reports

by Joseph C. Paradi


Books about corkscrews abound today.  I fact, there is a large collection on this website, go see them.  But the prospective buyer of a book would need to know something about it before he or she makes a decision on which one(s) to buy.  At present, there are over 40 books on corkscrews with a number out of print already.  But if the corkscrew collector wants to buy just one or two, people who had bought the book before can help them making the difficult decision.  Hence, I am publishing book reports and comments by readers on those books where these are available.

Look at the list below and choose the one you want to know about.  Click on the title and go to the book report, it is that simple.  If anyone wants me to add their comments on the book, just send me an e-mail and I will put it up.  Enjoy!

Compendium of Bar Corkscrews is an outstanding study of barscrews.  Wayne Meadows invested an enormous amount of time to write the definitive record on Bar Corkscrews - it is a must for the avid corkscrew collector.  Published by Kitsilano Cellars ISBN 0-9689294-0-0. Available from the author: WEM

Corkscrews is all about American corkscrew patents.  Hard cover 9 x 12" 340 pages; Over 450 color photographs; More than 500 total photographs; 1,000 patent drawings; Over 200 related patent drawings; Comprehensive tables; Foreword by Brother Timothy.    Published by Schiffer Publishing, ISBN 0-7643-0018-0.  Available from the author via e-mail

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