CCCC 2006 Members' Auction

by Joseph C. Paradi

The following are the results of the members' auction





All Prices are in U.S. Dollars

Bridgeman Anthony Bakelite Picnic screw 28
Eyers Anthony Clough Patent - July 22/84 wire medicine screw 14
Eyers Wryland Silver Champagne tap, hallmarked MAN 500
Kimball Taylor Williamson bottle 120
Kimball Taylor Bottle 30
Dakers Taylor Uneek - Wilson M. Brady 850
Eyers Morris Poison Bell 190
Dancer Morris Havell bow, Patent, marked 160
Morris Luterman A Special 3 finger frame 601.75
Kimball Hunter Paris art deco cat 38
Dancer Hunter Pronged US Patent by DUDLY 3200
Morris Hunter Corkscrew Pate No. 21635 Quality 16
Morris Hunter "Lanes" multi tool 5
Eyers Binney Perille AERO 160
Anthony Hunt Barnes patent - double helix with one broken off 195
Donoghue Taylor Henshall button Patent, marked NBAL 145
Hunt Daum Columbus type marked: GAUMAN 60
Dakers Daum Silver boot, U.S. 100
Dakers Daum ZIG-ZAG, concertina 70
Dakers Daum Perille three winged nut 20
Eyers Binney Holborn type by Robert Jones (marked) 140
Dakers Daum A box of 3 silver pieces 450

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