CCCC Auction Catalog and Results - AGM 2000

Here is a large collection of corkscrews (nearly 700) which were auctioned off at the AGM in July.  The Reserve and Sale prices are all in U.S. Dollars.  But, this is not all - we also auctioned off another 150 lots on Sunday at the general members' auction!

The low RESERVE prices resulted in an excellent sale and everyone had access to the pieces.  Check it out, these provide a great reference set of prices for many corkscrews the average collector will see regularly! 

Condition codes:  Mint = Brand New;  Exc = Excellent;  VG = Very Good;  G = Good
Note that some pictures have more than one lot represented and in some cases, large pictures are after the descriptions instead of beside them.

Please note that there are a lot of pictures here, so the pages may take a little time to load.

Now just click on the lot groups below and ENJOY !!!

Lots 1 to 33

Lots 34 to 74

Lots 75 to 122

Lots 123 to 170

Lots 171 to 219

Lots 220 to 279

Lots 286 to 300

The Sunday Auction Page

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