Remember: Corkscrew collecting is not a life and death matter – it is more than that!
– Joe Paradi

This Web site is designed to give the corkscrew collector a place to find whatever information s/he needs in pursuing this twisted hobby.  If you are visiting for the first time, CLICK HERE

Corkscrew collectors are called Helixophiles but in reality, they are just addicted to collecting these practical but “beautiful” devices.  It is not hard to get caught up in the “hunt” for rare, beautiful, different, simple, silver, advertising, etc. corkscrews.  The problem is that most collectors begin on their own and generally believe that they are the only people in the game.  Knowledge about corkscrews is hard to come by, what is valuable, what price to pay, what condition is acceptable, etc. just some of the questions answered here.

You are welcome to browse, let us know what you think about the site and add something if you are so inclined.  Sign the Guest Book, register yourself.  Have fun!

A serious collecting drive is not lethal, but it is addictive and very enjoyable!   If you are not yet a member of one of the several corkscrew organizations, join now!



The NEW release of both Corkscrew Software systems are now available – What you see here is the CD that has the “Bundle” on it which includes both SCReWBase9 (“SB9”) – the comprehensive catalog of over 9100 corkscrews and the Corkscrew Collector 9 (“CC9”) program that is used by collectors to catalogue their own collections.  The separate programs are closely connected and, in fact, the CC does not really work without the SB program having been installed first.  Once you see what they can do, you will understand how this synergy works.
cover SCReWBase 9.0 is the fruits of about14 years of work by some of the most avid and knowledgeable corkscrew collectors in the world.  You can order this edition of the SB9 catalogue of corkscrews now, there are over 9100 corkscrews in this monumental work, complete with pictures, descriptions, expert notes, references and much more.  The database is searchable and is based on a classification system that encompasses all classes, types and styles. 
Corkscrew Collector 9.0 is a program that was written as a companion to SCReWbase and is the software used by corkscrew collectors to keep track of their collections.  The work is the result of years of consultation with knowledgeable collectors who have large and diverse collections, so it should fit anyone’s needs.  Perfectly co-ordinated with SB9, it is a dream to use!  Just click on the screen shot on the left to get more information. To order the CD together with both programs as a Bundle just click here to be transferred to the website where you can buy it.

Books available from this website on corkscrews are (to order click HERE):

Champagne Collectibles – authored by two prominent corkscrew collectors, Don Bull and Joe Paradi, published in 2011.  A hardcover book in an oversize format (9″ x 12″).  There are over 1900 items and over 1200 colour pictures on 339 pages.  It includes a value guide also.

Cookbook for Corkscrew Collectors – edited by Monika Paradi, published in 1991 by the Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club. Paperback, cerlox bound, contains about 100 recipes donated by the wives and lady friends of CCCC members. Each recipe is accompanied by the picture of a favourite corkscrew from the member.

Cookbook for Corkscrew Collectors Volume II – edited by Monika Paradi. The Second volume of this delightful compendium of great recipes accompanied by great corkscrews. Contributed by the many members of all the corkscrew clubs in the world.

French Corkscrew Patents  by Joe Paradi, self published, 1988. This is the first collection of French corkscrew patents and contain about 100 patents. A later book by Guy Olive has substantially expanded the list. The book consists of patent illustrations only taken from the actual patent papers.

Hungarian Corkscrew Patents & Registered Designs– by Joe Paradi.  This booklet has the known Patents and RDs from Hungary – a Country not known for a lot of corkscrews – but a useful addition to your library.

The most exciting place to buy corkscrews is on a special on-line auction site that started in 2008.  Two auctions per year offer buyers and sellers an orderly and profitable venue to buy and sell.  As this is an effort by corkscrew experts for corkscrew collectors, it should be a much better way to buy and sell corkscrews.  There are many special ideas and approaches that are implemented in this initiative.  If you are interested, just visit the auction website by clicking here.


New Corkscrew Books

A new hard cover book on Champagne Collectibles with over 1900 items on more than 1200 colour photos. See the details on the left

A new Cookbook for Corkscrew Collectors – Volume 2 with contributions by all the Corkscrew Club members.  Click HERE to order

Another great effort by the master author Don Bull – this time a CD with 12 Corkscrew books with a total of 2,017 pages – lots to see here!  Click HEREto order

A wonderful book published by the Italian Corkscrew Club AICC, limited edition of 300

Another great book by the master author Don Bull on figural corkscrews – lots to see here! Click HERE to order