To a First Time Visitor


This WebSite was designed to serve all corkscrew collectors, enthusiasts or just plain curious.  The objectives we set for this site are:

1. To provide a reference for anything to do with corkscrews.  It is hoped that the corkscrew world will meet here and this site becomes the focus for collectors of all stripe, from novice to expert.

2. To avoid talking about what "I", "ME" or "MYSELF" have done in corkscrews but instead provide instruction and add value to the corkscrew enthusiast's knowledge base.

3. To encourage people who are not Web-wise to put up their information in whatever form they want on the "Profiles" pages.  This could be just a message, a photo or a bunch of stuff thought to be important.  Note that we will put up what you send us, aside from making sure that the Web displays the material appropriately, we will not edit it in any way, except for decency or libel.

4. To help those who are stuck because they can not find some information; or because they have found some interesting corkscrew and they want to know more about it; or just want to see what is going on.  You can be as passive or active, as you see fit.

5. To help both professional dealers in corkscrews and the "one-timer" to find buyers for their interesting pieces.  This is not intended to be a competition to Christie's or e-Bay, nor to compete with the pros' own websites, this is to augment them all.

So if you like what you see, Register as a visitor and we will keep in touch.

Site Organisation

From the home page (you just came from there as there is no other way to get here) you can use the left side column to navigate the entire site - this leads to a tree like structure of pages where you can go up the branches and back down again.   By clicking on the main headings, you will either reach the page where some functionality resides (Search, Feedback or Forum) or reach another tree structure, if appropriate, where you can navigate within that group of pages without having to return to the home page.

This site is still under development and it always will be, it is a living "book" on corkscrews and change and additions are the only "permanent" features of it.  There are still a few inactive links shown and many others will be added as the time goes on.  So, be patient and come back as often as you want to.  Check on what's up by visiting the "News Page".

So, if you enjoy this site, or have a complaint or suggestion, please communicate via the "feedback" process.

And thanks again for visiting and hopefully you will be back many more times.

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